I love that I get to share my love of oils and natural wellness as a job! I can tell you now that when I first started using oils I never thought I'd pursue the business, but I found myself naturally sharing the oils with others because I was experiencing all the benefits from them. 

I set my own work hours, can work from wherever I want and I get to do it with my little girl by my side! I love that I'm getting paid for something I'm so passionate about! We have countless educational groups on Facebook as well as business groups where you have resources, graphics, free training and support. We also run monthly business mentorships to help get you on your feet! You are allowed to work at your own pace, with your own personality and flare, with no pressure. Your goals are your own, and I’m here to help you achieve them and give strategic guidance. 

Young Living's compensation plan is so generous it's hard not to share! Check out the income disclosure below! There are a lot of people in our organization that are within all the ranks. Its super cool to see each person go on their own journey and bloom in ways that this business gave them the freedom to do.

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CLICK HERE  to snag this beauty and be ready for a pretty remarkable journey.

CLICK HERE to snag this beauty and be ready for a pretty remarkable journey.

7 reasons why I chose to jump into the business:

1. Willable income. Here’s the thing about Young Living. Once you earn $3000 per month, you can will your business. That means, you can put it in your will to pass down to your children or spouse when you pass on. This was something I never heard of and seriously could not pass up because why wouldn’t you want your hard work willed to your children to enjoy after you have passed?

2. Spreading natural wellness to families far and wide and empowering them with the knowledge to support their bodies without the use of harmful chemicals. There is a better way to live for not only ourselves but for our environment that our future children/grandchildren etc will inherit from us. 

3 .Financial Freedom. Plain and simple. You can earn as much as you want. You want a certain salary? Knuckle down and work a little harder. You just want to pay for your oils, go for it. No matter how much you want to earn, you can. Unlike retirement plans that cap you out, Young Living earnings keep on coming. You will NEVER have to worry about not having a paycheck. Your business will keep on providing.

4. Time Freedom. My desire to not go back to the 9-5 schedule hit hard when I had my daughter. I was looking for a job that worked around my schedule as a mama and one that I could take with me anywhere (and to be real honest, one that also was okay to have my boobs out to feed my little girl and to still be in my pjs that I have worn for 3 days). Young Living has given me a way to stay home with my daughter AND run a business. Which that in itself is like hitting the lottery to me. 

5. Flexibility. You want a job that you can work whenever you want? This is it! This business goes with you wherever you go. I know people who are incredibly shy who’ve built their ENTIRE business online through Facebook, blogs or Instagram. I know social butterflies that do ALL their classes in person. This business is perfect for any personality type. You find YOUR strength and start there.

6. Bonuses. Again, never something I’ve had with any job. Young Living has built in bonuses. With each rank, you get larger checks. Once you hit executive, you get a pin, certificate and a pay rise. Silver, you get an incredible retreat to their farm in Mona, Utah. They fly you, pay for your accommodations, feed you and get gifted with amazing goodies! Gold, another trip to their farm in Saint Maries, Idaho. Platinums go to Ecuador to see the Ylang Ylang, Dorado Azul and Copaiba farmed and work with the amazing Young Living Foundation and Diamond retreats vary year to year. Young Living also has competitions to earn things like cruises and vacations. The amount of gratitude and appreciation they shower over you is insane!!!!

7. A company with heart. Ok, so this isn’t totally part of the compensation plan, but I love that this company does so much for so many humanitarian projects. It allows you to help as well by rounding up your dollar at purchase, supporting their various programs and even sponsoring a child. They have even provided academies for those that dont have education available, to be able to go to school and achieve what they could only dream of before. It’s quite remarkable what they do and it made me want to be part of something so much greater.

As you can see, Young Living takes great care of it’s members and the world. Not only are you selling a product that you KNOW is helping people, but you are helping people find financial freedom and happiness. I would say that is a win/win.


so, whatcha say? wanna be part of something pretty spectacular?

I know what you may think… cause chances are, i had the same thoughts. Girl, this is so legit that I wouldn’t be here chatting about any of it if I knew it was in any bit false or exaggerated. My family and I have felt and seen the freedoms since saying yes to this crazy gig and it is truly a blessing that everyone should have in their life.


Insta besties? I say YES!!!